Scolaires - Season review

28 April 2020

Unfortunately, the season ended earlier than expected. So we reviewed our 2019/2020 season together as a Scolaires Team.

We were very happy how the team developed as a whole and individually as well!
The players said that they've come much closer throughout the season and build up many friendships. That's also what you could witness seeing us play - we fought for each other and were always supportive in the way we communicated. We had a very young core were almost half of the team was still able to play with the minis. The older players took care of them and were always good role models. Even if they made a mistake, the leaders of the team were always supportive and showed great respect, which is nothing you can take for granted in that age group.

Although we had some great performances, we couldn't always overcome our consistent physical disadvantage. But being under high physical pressure almost every game, helped us develop a lot and we became tougher and tougher throughout the season. On the defensive end we developed a lot as well. We learned how to communicate and how to rotate. Unfortunately, we couldn't always reward ourselves playing good defense, because we were outrebounded in most of the games, where our height disadvantage was always a big factor.

But all in all, the season was a success for us. Although we didn’t move up to the second division, we've developed very well and that's our main goal at the youth section of the club.
The young, very talented players will profit a lot playing that much against older players at this point of their careers.
The future is bright for the upcoming years!