Help us to get through the lockdown

07 May 2020

The BBC Grengewald Hueschtert is committed to provide the best possible conditions to our youth players, be it in terms of staff, equipment, participation in international tournaments and all kind of events that motivates our young people to stick to the Greens.

We aim to have the best possible environment for players in all age groupes and to establish both of our Senior teams in Luxembourg's top division. The process is long, it takes patience, perseverance, and a very dedicated athlete and organization to make it happen. BBC Grengewald Hueschtert has over 300 athletes and coaches and support staff working together to get ready for the season. We have created a fundraising campaign and we want to team up with you! 

By contributing, you are supporting BBC Grengewald Hueschtert as an organization and are also becoming part of something BIG, and so POWERFUL, that is helping young athletes reach their dreams and achieve athletic excellence. Being a part of the BBC Grengewald Hueschtert is a big step forward in an athlete's development, and we believe we can take them to the next level.

We are asking for your support and to help spread the word! Please team up with us!