Cadets - Season review

Cadets - Season review

First and foremost, we want to thank coach Pierce for coaching us this season. Not only is he a great guy but he was also a great coach and all of us can say that we have improved individually as players but also as people in general.

The season as a whole was extremely disappointing to all of us. Losses in easy games and inconsistency on the floor and at practice plagued our season. It also didn't help that at one stage during the season the majority of the starting 5 were injured. But that left room to those who maybe don't usually play a lot, to get more minutes and improve their game drastically.

But even though our game on the floor wasn't up to the standard we expected to play, we all saw improvements in our basketball abilities thanks to Pierce.

It's also important to note that due to the injuries we had to call up several scolaires, who helped immensely during games and also during practices.  

Of course, it's disappointing the way the season ended so abruptly, especially knowing that most of our starting core would have returned by now and would have been able to finish the season. It is of course annoying for everyone and especially the last year cadets who couldn’t finish the season in an ordinary manner.

But anyhow, we can all say that even though the season wasn't the best in the history books, we all had fun at practice and we all also improved in some way, shape or form and that we have all learned from this experience.

We also just quick want to thank Cedric, Markus, Christian, Hugo, Yann and Alex who won't be returning next season to the Cadets team, due to this being their last season in youth.

Next season will hopefully workout better. We wish everyone the best of luck in the future and that everyone achieves their goals.

This season was a good lesson to all of us and we hope to have learned from our errors.