Supporting local businesses

Supporting local businesses

Dear Greens players, staff and friends,

As communicated over the past few days, the season 2019/2020 came to an abrupt end. We, the comité and commissions of the BBC Gréngewald Hueschtert, support and acknowledge the decision taken by the FLBB. Yes, we had ambitions for youth and Senior Teams, and Yes, our Ladies were on track for both national titles, but No, none of this is of importance compared to the safety of our players, supporters and staff. The spread of the virus needs to be slowed down by all means, and we do believe that the immediate halt of all sports (as well as cultural) activities will play an important part. The season being shut down, there is not much the club can do, other than encourage you all to follow up with the guidelines issued by the government.

There is however also a second impact of the season’s premature end: a severe financial loss.

Today, we do not talk about the club, its expenses or revenues and our repeatedly expressed need for support at all levels, but about our sponsors.

Many of them have supported the club for many years, they are parents of players of the club or have their company, shop or industry in Niederanven or in the surrounding areas, close to the Greens facilities, and a vast majority of them will suffer severe financial losses over the next weeks and months.

They all have one thing on common: their financial or in-kind contribution allows the club to function. Our membership fees do not cover player, coach, material or travelling expenses.

We would therefore like to invite you to visit and consider one of them for a next home delivery of food, a next order of equipment for your home, a next pair of glasses, a next real estate, insurance or banking transaction or any other service they have on offer.

Though they might have closed now, they will reopen. Do consider local businesses as an alternative to Online. Be patient. If you are a regular customer, ask how they are coping with the situation, ask if you can buy a voucher for later consumption. Order food, tip generously and feel good about doing the right thing.

This, by the way, remains valid after the crisis times, when things slowly go back to normal (or appear to do so).

Supporting local businesses is supporting our community, our clubs and, ultimately, ourselves.

Merci, am Numm vum Club.