Vienna Easter Tournament cancelled

Vienna Easter Tournament cancelled

4 Grengewald Youth Teams were highly motivated to show the world the greens basketball skills... unfortunately we will have to postpone... Here the official statement from Vienna:

With a heavy heart, we would like to hereby communicate the cancellation of this year’s Easter Tournament, due to the government’s authorities choosing to do so. Due to the recent happenings, there is unfortunately no other way to act.

The current situation in Austria and the government’s decision, which they presented yesterday, is unfortunately forcing us to do this. Up until very recently, we were communicating with the various authorities and were very positive about our tournament moving forward. We tried everything to stay within the lines the authorities had set for us, while offering our participants a great tournament, regardless of the Coronavirus. We looked at all areas of our event and rearranged things accordingly. However, there can be no wide-scale event like ours, with approximately 6000 participants, that would want to battle with the virus, especially with regards to the plead to reduce social contact. 

The ban, set by our authorities, of events with over 100 people makes it impossible to open our doors to you. Due to this, we had to take this heartbreaking decision today. 

Because the safety of our participants and employees is our top priority, an international event of this scale would pose a risk that is too high to take, which is why it was cancelled by the authorities. 

We deeply regret the cancellation of our event. Our preparation was very advanced and our employees have invested - and still are investing - a lot of time into the organization of our ‚Basketball Wien 2020‘ event. We also know how much organizational effort has been invested by you, the participants.

Nonetheless, the health and safety of all our players, coaches and chaperones, as well as of our employees has to be our top priority.

We are certain that this cancellation will help the containment of this pandemic.