Support us

"BBC Gréngewald Hueschtert", is a non-profit organization that depends on financial support. Without this support the maintenance of youth development is impossible. The current annual fee (license fee) covers only a fraction of the expenses. Municipality, sponsors as well as our partners support the club as far as it is possible within the respective framework.


Through your support, for example in the form of a passive membership in the club or a donation, you also contribute to the fact that children and young people from the region can do sports in their free time under optimal conditions.


In addition to purely financial support, we look forward to any active support within the association. If you want to be part of our team and support us with your ideas and work, please contact us! (


 Donations can be made at any time to one of the following bank accounts:

  • CCRALULL:   IBAN LU84 0090 0000 0398 7518
  • BCEELULL:    IBAN LU08 0019 1555 1082 4000
  • BILLLULL:     IBAN LU06 0025 6100 2606 2600
  • CCPLLULL:    IBAN LU27 1111 0119 0672 0000
  • BGLLLULL:    IBAN LU80 0030 2610 0815 0000


As communication please "Don BBC Grengewald".


Thank you very much for any support!